[R] Factor Analysis fit statistics from zelig() model = "factor.bayes" (executes mcmcfactanal() function)

Heather Kettrey heather.h.kettrey at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Dec 26 05:36:00 CET 2016


I am running a factor analysis with a multiply imputed dataset in zelig
(specifying model = factor.bayes). I cannot find a way to get fit
statistics for the specified model (a 2-factor model in this particular

The summary() function only returns lambda (factor loadings) and psi
(uniqueness). Does anyone know how to return fit statistics with this
function? The zelig() function seems to be executing mcmcfactanal() from
the MCMCpack package - so if anyone has had success in outputting fit
statistics with mcmcfactanal() the same code should work here. I would
greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.


Heather Hensman Kettrey, PhD
Research Associate, Peabody Research Institute (PRI)
Senior Researcher, Meta-Analysis Center at PRI
Vanderbilt University

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