[R] Any help on R code interpretation?

Marna Wagley marna.wagley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 14:08:11 CET 2016

HI R user,
I was looking a r code and saw "%*%t", what does it("%*%t") mean?. The
example is given below.

For example: here is the code where "%*%t" has been used. when I run the
formula but did not run in my data.

site=='BC', site =='MM', site =='XY',Temp,Treatment=='Local'))))

Can I get the same result of above using the following code? Do both codes
give same results?

ab<-with(subset(data,site!='AB'),cbind(1,site=='BC', site =='MM', site ==
prediction =plogis(as.matrix(mod7),(ab))



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