[R] [R-pkgs] gpuR 1.2.0 released

Charles Determan cdetermanjr at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 17:12:40 CET 2016

Dear R users,

I am happy to announce the most recent version of gpuR has been released.
There are several new enhancements to the package including:

1.    Automatically detect available SDK on install if available

2.    Simplified installation to build OpenCL ICD when have OpenCL driver
but no SDK installed (thanks Yixuan Qui)

3.    Control over individual OpenCL contexts to allow user to choose
device to use

4.    Added as.* methods for vclMatrix/Vector and gpuMatrix/Vector objects

5.    Added str method for matrix objects

6.    Added length method for matrix objects

7.    Added solve method for square vclMatrix objects

8.    Added QR-decompsition, SVD, Cholesky for square gpuMatrix/vclMatrix

9.    Added diag and diag<- method for matix objects

There are many more features in the works.  Suggestions and contributions
continue to be welcomed.  Please submit all through my github issues

Also, thanks to all those as well for testing this package on various GPU
devices and operating systems.  A lot of the stability of this package is
made possible by your efforts.

Kind regards,


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