[R] R implementation of the Split and Merge Algorithm

Sam Albers tonightsthenight at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 19:38:28 CET 2016

Hello there,

I am wondering if anyone on this list has ever encountered an
implementation of the Split and Merge algorithm for R. This algorithm
is reasonably well known and was first developed in this paper:


>From that paper here is the essence of what the Split and Merge
Algorithm accomplishes:

"Given a set of points S = {xi,yi | i = 1,2... N} determine the
minimum number n such that S is divided in n subsets S1, S2...Sn,
where on each of them the data points are approximated by a polynomial
of order at most m - 1 with an error norm less than a prespecified
quantity e."

There has been work on this in MatLab but so far I've not been able to
find the approach in R. The `segmented` package comes close but as far
as I understand, is not what I am looking for. I am happy to do this
myself but wanted to check first to see if someone has already
accomplished this. I know this is a stretch but I thought it wouldn't
hurt to ask.

Thanks in advance.


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