[R] Would like to practice running ecological data & R code

Loretta Fisher llfn at uw.edu
Wed Dec 21 01:14:59 CET 2016

Dear R help list,

I am a beginner using R for univariate and multivariate analysis of
ecological data.  About the only thing I can do with R script on my own
thus far is run an ANOVA and a Tukey's HSD test, and I'm finding that this
skill level is not getting me very far in new types of ecological data I am
playing with. It really helps me understand R better when I can run through
existing code (preferably well-annotated) and data sets written by others
to just learn how R communicates with itself, and how it navigates data
with different attributes.  Does anyone know of any places I could find
online (or would anyone be willing to share) .csv files containing
ecological data along with simple text files of R code to go with those
.csv files?  I promise to use these data and R scripts only for my own
educational purposes and am happy to sign any sort of agreements that
anyone might need to feel comfortable sharing data and code with me for
this purpose.  I also promise that I am not currently enrolled in any
courses using R, and that I will never try to pass off any code written by
someone else as my own in any courses I take.  This request is simply for
my own learning, based on the method that works best for me.

At the moment, I'm specifically looking for data and R script that involve
categorical explanatory variables with response variables that are bounded
between 0 and 1, though I am also interested in running and learning from
any code written for ecological datasets.  My own research is in grassland
plant communities, but I am interested in ecological data collected on any
sort of ecosystems or organisms.  For multivariate data, I would really
like to understand principal coordinates analysis better.  I would also
like to start learning Beysian methods.

Thank you!

Loretta Fisher

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