[R] K-modes clustering : how to choose the number of clusters?

David L Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Tue Dec 13 17:00:32 CET 2016

Function NbClust() in package NbClust computes 30 different indices for determining the number of clusters.

David L Carlson
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Subject: [R] K-modes clustering : how to choose the number of clusters?

Dear all. 
I tried to cluster the data with categorical variables with K-modes using klaR packages. 
I tried to find the optimal number of clusters by considering the average silhouette width though..  
In k-modes, however, the average silhouette width increases, when the the number of clusters increases in my case.
So i tried to derive the elbow plot and I got the attached graph. 
It is quite hard to which point is the location of a bend in this plot.. 
In this case, how can I choose the best number of groups? 
Can anyone introduce better method that help choose the optimal number of clusters for K-modes? 
Kind regards

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