[R] Sensitivity Analysis for Moderated Mediation?

Dominik Wyss nikwyss at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 14:00:06 CET 2016

Dear group,
medsens() is a fantastic method for testing sensitivity of mediation 
models estimated by the mediate(). (mediation package by Tingley et al; 
Version 4.4.5).
However, I'm wondering whether medsens() is also appropriate for 
moderated mediation? And if not, is there an alternative procedure that 
allows to test sensitivity of moderated mediation analysis?

In one of my study, I find strong theoretical and empirical support for 
moderated mediation (moderator is a dummy var; otherwise the model specs 
are similar to chapter 3.2 
However, my medsens() analysis finds only very poor Rho and R2 values. 
Before throwing away the model, I wonder whether medsens is appropriate 
for estimating sensitivity of moderated mediation models, normally 
entailing a moderation*mediator interaction term.

And if medsens is not appropriate for moderated mediation: Would it be 
enough enlightening to test sensitivity of two unmoderated mediation 
models ran over two sub-datasets, split along the moderation dummy?

many thanks for any advice.

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