[R] R re-base/compile problem

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 17:20:52 CET 2016

hi everyone.

this will be a bit rpm packaging related, not sure if more 
than R itself but before going to rpm gang I hoped someone 
here knows:
why this:

byte-compiling package 'compiler'
Warning in file(datafile, "wb") :
   cannot open file 
Permission denied
Error in file(datafile, "wb") : cannot open the connection
Calls: <Anonymous> -> code2LazyLoadDB -> makeLazyLoadDB -> 
close -> file
Execution halted

happens when I rpmbuild R?
I do a bit of mangling there, but nothing in the sources of 
R, just rpm spec files & paths.

Why build process would call this file? (which is not there 

Weirder is that if rpm packages (of that my custom build) 
are already installed that problem occurs, build fails only 
then. Suffice to yum/rpm uninstall those R-MY* packages and 
rpm build process is successful.

To me it's strangest thing, but an expert hopefully knows 
what is going on there.
many thanks,

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