[R] Install R (version 3.2.5) in CentOS platform

wenbo wenbostar at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 19:41:47 CEST 2016

I want to install the latest R in CentOS. Below is the command line:

./configure --prefix=/home/fino/R/3.2.5/
/software/tk8.6.1/lib/tkConfig.sh --with-readline=yes
--with-cairo=yes --without-x

Below is the output message when ran the above command:
checking whether pkg-config knows about cairo and pango... no
checking whether pkg-config knows about cairo... yes
checking whether cairo is >= 1.2 and works... no

  C++ compiler:              g++  -g -O2
  C++ 11 compiler:           g++  -std=c++0x -g -O2
  Fortran 90/95 compiler:    gfortran -g -O2
  Obj-C compiler:            gcc -g -O2 -fobjc-exceptions

  Interfaces supported:      tcltk
  External libraries:        readline, zlib, bzlib, lzma, PCRE
  Additional capabilities:   PNG, JPEG, TIFF, NLS
  Options enabled:           shared BLAS, R profiling

  Capabilities skipped:      cairo, ICU
  Options not enabled:       memory profiling

  Recommended packages:      yes

After I installed the R and entered R:
> capabilities()
       jpeg         png        tiff       tcltk         X11        aqua
      FALSE       FALSE       FALSE        TRUE       FALSE       FALSE
   http/ftp     sockets      libxml        fifo      cledit       iconv
       TRUE        TRUE        TRUE        TRUE        TRUE        TRUE
        NLS     profmem       cairo         ICU long.double     libcurl
       TRUE       FALSE       FALSE       FALSE        TRUE       FALSE

The png doesn't work. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Best regards!

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