[R] Package to work with weight based data

BISWAJIT KAR biswaj41_ssf at jnu.ac.in
Thu Apr 28 18:32:16 CEST 2016

Respected all,
                    I am working on a socio-economic survey (named as
National Sample Survey in India provided by National Sample Survey
Organization, Govt. of India) data of individual as well as households.
This is a sample survey where stratified random sapling method has been
used to draw samples. The data set uses 'weights' to estimate figures for
region, state or country level. In the data set, there is a variable called
weights and I use the *'weight cases'* function to activate weights
under *'Data'
 option *in menu bar in SPSS before generating any table or doing any
statistical procedure. So, my question is, is there any package/s in R
where I can use weights and work on this kind of sample survey.

Second thing, is there any package/s to generate multi layer contingency
table in R or how can I do this in R. For example, one similar kind of
table is attached here which one is created by SPSS from the above stated
data-set. Please have a look.


*Biswajit Kar*
(Research Scholar)
Ph. D. Student, Geography
Centre for the Study of Regional Development
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharala Nehru University
New Delhi-110067

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