[R] Determine if a set of x and y-latitude points are inside of a polygon using R

David L Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Thu Apr 28 15:38:03 CEST 2016

Give us reproducible data using dput(). There are easier ways to accomplish what you want in R. The overwriting problem stems from the fact that you have a double loop so each iteration of the outer loop overwrites the data produced in the inner loop. 

Also your if/else specification should be producing the following error message:

Error: unexpected 'else' in "else"

Since else needs to be on the same line as the closing curly brace for if:

if (M>1) {
        Bounds$T[i] = M
        } else
        Bounds$T[i] = M

And why use if/else at all since you execute Bounds$T[i] = M either way?

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Subject: [R] Determine if a set of x and y-latitude points are inside of a polygon using R

Objective: Determine if a set of x and y-latitude points are inside of
a polygon using R.

Lets say I have 9 polygons. Where I have labeled the polygons to be
checked from 1-9. The problem I’m running into is running the
point.in.polygon to check if those points are in one of several
polygons, as my code overwrites the result.

To accomplish this I am using the R-built in function called
point.in.polygon. Point.in.polygon takes the x, and y lat/lon points,
and the polygon boundaries.

Here is the code I've written thus far:


 #b is the polygon that I'm referring
 for (b in 1:9)
    D <- subset(Bounds, Polygon == b)
    for (i in 1:length(Bounds$latitude))
    M = point.in.polygon(Bounds$latitude[i], Bounds$longitude[i], D$PY,D$PX)
       if (M>1) {
        Bounds$T[i] = M
        Bounds$T[i] = M

Minimal Dataset:

 Latitude Longitude Polygon Latitude Polygon Longitude Polygon
 38.65485 -121.4965 38.43768 -121.4018 1
 38.562 -121.4768 38.56559 -121.4018 1
 38.7011 -121.3018 38.57065 -121.5141 1
 38.62568 -121.3198 38.56559 -121.5141 1
 38.60253 -121.2899 38.563459 -121.5141 2
 38.28272 -121.2969 38.56359 -121.5141 2
 38.64286 -121.2204 38.54065 -121.515 2
 38.67442 -121.5105 38.57065 -121.515

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