[R] Create a new variable and concatenation inside a "for" loop

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Suppose the you need a loop to create a new variable , i.e., you are not reading data from outside the loop. This is a simple example in Matlab code,

for i=1:5
r=[r1 r2]
c(i,:)=r;   % creation of each row of c , % the ":" symbol indicates all columns. In R this would be [i,]

The output of interest is c which I'm creating inside the "for" loop -also the index used in the loop is used to create c. In R I had to create c as an  empty vector (numeric() ) outside the loop, otherwise I get an error message saying that c doesn't exit.

The other issue is the concatenation. In each iteration I'm creating the rows of c by placing the new row  (r) below the previous one so that c becomes a 5 x 2 matrix.
In R, it seems that I have no choice but use the function "rbind". I managed to write this code in R . However, I'm not sure that if instead of creating a new variable  using  the index in the "for" loop , I wanted to use the index to read data, e.g.  suppose I have a 2 X 10 matrix X and suppose I want to calculate the sin () for each 2 x 2 sub-matrix of and stored in a matrix A. Then the code would be something like this,

for i=1:5
A(:, 2*i-1:2*i)= sin(X(:, 2*i-1:2*i))   % the ":" symbol indicates all rows

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