[R] Unexpected values obtained when reading in data using ncdf and ncdf4

David W. Pierce dpierce at ucsd.edu
Fri Apr 22 17:08:52 CEST 2016

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 1:32 AM, Louise Mair <louise.mair at slu.se> wrote:

> Dear R Users,
> I am encountering a problem when reading nc files into R using the ncdf
> and ncdf4 libraries. The nc files are too large to attach an example (but
> if someone is interested in helping out I could send a file privately via
> an online drive), but the code is basic:

​Hi Louise,

I'm the author of the ncdf and ncdf4 libraries. What are the details --
what operating system are you running on, what version of R and the netcdf
library are you using?

If you make the files available to me I can take a look.


--Dave Pierce

> for(i in 1:length(thesenames[,1])){
>    data <- nc_open(paste(INDIR, thesenames[i,c("wholename")], sep=""),
> write=F)
>    d.vars <- names(data$var)
>    d.size <- (data$var[[length(d.vars)]])$size
>    # Obtaining longitude and latitude values
>    d.lon <- as.vector(ncvar_get(data, varid="lon", start=c(1,1),
> count=c(d.size[1],d.size[2])))
>    d.lat <- as.vector(ncvar_get(data, varid="lat", start=c(1,1),
> count=c(d.size[1],d.size[2])))
>    # Obtaining climate data values
>    df.clim <- data.frame(rn=seq(1:length(d.lon)))
>    for(y in 1:d.size[3]){
>      df.clim[,1+y] <- as.vector(ncvar_get(data,
> varid=d.vars[length(d.vars)], start=c(1,1,y),
> count=c(d.size[1],d.size[2],1)))
>       names(df.clim)[1+y] <- paste("y",y,sep="")  }
>    tosummarise[,,i] <- as.matrix(df.clim[,-1])
> }
> The data are temperature or precipitation, across space and time.
> For most of the >250 files I have, there are no problems, but for around 8
> of these files, I get strange values. The data should be within a
> relatively narrow range, yet I get values such as -8.246508e+07  or
> 7.659506e+11. The particularly strange part is that these kind of values
> occur at regularly spaced intervals across the data, usually within a
> single time step.
> I have the same problem (including the exact same strange values) when
> using ArcMap, yet the data provider assures me that the data look normal
> when using CDO (climate data operators) to view them, and that there are no
> missing values.
> I realise this is very difficult to diagnose without the nc files
> themselves, so my questions are (1) Has anyone encountered something like
> this before?, (2) Is there something I am failing to specify in the code
> when reading in?, and (3) Is anyone interested in digging into this and
> willing to play around with the nc files if I make them available privately?
> Thanks very much in advance!
> Louise
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