[R] [R-pkgs] rPref 1.0 - Computing Pareto Optima and Database Preferences

Patrick Roocks mail at p-roocks.de
Thu Apr 21 09:23:23 CEST 2016

Dear R users,

the first 1.0 version of the rPref package is now on CRAN.

rPref allows to select the Pareto-optimal tuples from a data set, also 
called Skylines in the database community. For example, optimal tuples 
from mtcars according to "high(mpg) * high(hp)" (where "*" is the Pareto 
operator) are those cars, for which no other dominating car exists. 
There, a car dominates another car if its horsepower or miles-per-gallon 
value is strictly better while the other value is better or equal.

See http://p-roocks.de/rpref/index.php?section=examples for more examples.

The changes of this version include:
- A new function get_btg_dot to generate Better-Than-Graphs induced by 
the preference using Graphviz.
- Fixed compatibility issues with new versions of dplyr and testthat.

Comments and contributions are very welcome via github:

Best regards,


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