[R] Parsing and counting expressions in .txt-files

Alexander Nikles 24790 at novasbe.pt
Wed Apr 20 18:07:58 CEST 2016

Dear Community,

I hope that I have the right category selected because I am relatively new
to the "R" world. I come with a relatively challenging problem in the
luggage.  I would like to realize, that "R" reads text files (there are
several hundred pieces in my folder) sequentially, and screens for specific
terms. If the term is found, the program should write a 1, if not a 0.
Another task is to scrape a ten-digit number from the file after a
particular keyword, so that I can map the results. The Programm should
create an .txt file ideally.

A brief example:

Keywords: "surpassed" "achieved", "very motivated"


"Personnel number: 0123456789

The employee has exceeded the set targets and was also otherwise always
motivated (...) "

So I want that my program for this case, ideally reflects the following (in
lines and columns=

Personell number;surpassed;achieved; very motivated (do not write)

For the following files, he shall all continue analogously in line 2, 3, 4
and so on.

Could you give a brief assessment, how to realize such a thing? How do I
start best and whether you are possibly "stumbled" in advance about
something similar in R? I am grateful for any suggestions/proposals.

Thank you in advance,


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