[R] (Small) programming job related to network analysis

Michael Haenlein haenlein at escpeurope.eu
Tue Apr 19 08:57:53 CEST 2016

Dear all,

I am looking for help in programming three functions. Those functions
should simulate (social) networks according to the process described in :

(1) A.H. Dekker - "Realistic Social Networks for Simulation using Network
Rewiring" (

(2) Konstantin Klemm and Vıctor M. Eguıluz - "Growing scale-free networks
with small-world behavior" (http://ifisc.uib-csic.es/victor/Nets/sw.pdf)

(3) Petter Holme and Beom Jun Kim - "Growing Scale-Free Networks with
Tunable Clustering" (http://arxiv.org/pdf/cond-mat/0110452.pdf)

I am looking for three functions (e.g., sample_dekker, sample_klemm,
sample_holme) that generate an output similar to the functions sample_pa
and sample_smallworld in the R package igraph. The input should be the
number of nodes in the network (e.g., 1000) and any other parameters those
models require.

In case this is of relevance please get in touch with me by email to
discuss further details.



Michael Haenlein
Professor of Marketing
ESCP Europe

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