[R] Need Help to solve an Error in R

Jim Lemon drjimlemon at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 08:16:43 CEST 2016

Hi Jyoti,
>From what you and others have written I am going to guess that you are
using Windows, that Windows has hidden the extension on the file you
are trying to read, and the filename is actually:


I may be wrong, but this problem has beset others before you.


>>> I tried to read some text file in R so that I can do further analysis on those
>>> files. All files are MicroRNA dataset and in exiqon format. When I write
>>> function ReadExi and path of my file gives me error - Error in a file(file, "rt") :
>>> cannot open the connection.
>>> I put a file in the same directory too, even then also it is not working.
>>> Can you help me on this issue?? Is there any issue with GAL file or
>>> samplesinfo.txt file as these are to be there in same folder as described in
>>> ExiMir package ??

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