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tan sj sj_style_1125 at outlook.com
Sat Apr 16 04:06:12 CEST 2016

hi, i am new in this field.

I am now writing a code in robustness simulation study. I have written a brief code "for loop" for the factor (samples sizes d,std deviation ) , i wish to test them in gamma distribution with equal and unequal skewness, with the above for loop in a single code if possible. Can i ask is that any suitable loop statement for this situation.

This is my ideas ,all the two for loop runs then run for the first set of gamma distribution with equal skewness then store the result,
all the two for loops run again and then run for the second set of gamma distribution with unequal skewness then store the result again.

if-else statement look like is not quite suitable in this situation as it will run one set only.
Please, i hope can get some help here. Thanks.

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