[R] Microsoft R Server

Leandro Marino leandromarino at leandromarino.com.br
Thu Apr 14 14:55:45 CEST 2016


as I know Microsoft has owned the Revolution Analytics and is continuing
the development of the Revolurion R with a new name Microsoft R. Note that
Microsoft R has an open source stable version. I'm not quite sure which
modifications they are doing on it. I suppose that this modified version of
R is the one they are putting in their servers.

As I could search few weeks ago they inform us that all R packages works
with their version.


2016-04-14 9:33 GMT-03:00 John Sorkin <jsorkin em grecc.umaryland.edu>:

> Has anyone ever heard of or used Microsoft R server? Does the product
> work? What are requirements for running it? How much does it cost and is it
> supported by the R community?
> Thank you,
> John
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