[R] R cannot allocate a vector of size 5.4mb

Jijo Sunny George Jijo.Sunny at ibsplc.com
Mon Apr 11 12:12:02 CEST 2016


I am trying to do mixed integer programming using R & Java. My input is a list of flight legs which is proportional to the number of times the loop is executed. The input is fed from java to R.
I cannot avoid the for loops as it is part of the logic. I am running into a "cannot allocate a vector of size 5.4mb" error.
The system memory available 16Gb and nearly 11Gb of it is used. I checked on the memory.limit() in R and it is showing as 16Gb.

Can someone guide me with this.

package used to connect r and java  - Rserve
I checked with Rserve developers to reduce the execution time of my loop but after doing that i ran into the above mentioned error

Thanks & Regards
Jijo Sunny

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