[R] write a function inside the summation in a more condensed form

mahmoudfarid30 at yahoo.com mahmoudfarid30 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 8 15:54:46 CEST 2016

Dear R Experts
that's my original equation

> x=c(2,4)

> Y1=sum(sapply(1:2,function(i){sum(sapply(1:i,function(j){(3^(x[i]+x[j]))}))})) 
> y1 
[1] 7371 
 I want to write the inside function (3^(x[i]+x[j])) in a more condensed form cause this will help me when the multiple summations are more than two 

I've tried the following form

> y2=sum(sapply(1:2,function(i){sum(sapply(1:i,function(j){(3^(sum(sapply(i:j,function(l){x[l]}))))}))})) 
> y2 
[1] 819 

But it didn't work, it gave another solution 
Any help or recommendations

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