[R] Memory problem when changing a function

Marwah Sabry Siam marwa.syam at feps.edu.eg
Thu Nov 26 20:57:12 CET 2015

I changed a function in a package and I want to run this new function.
It always gives the error of "Error in memory: couldn't allocate a
vector of 15.3 Gb" altough  the built in function doesn't give this

My system is window 10, 8 Ram, AMD Quad-Core processor.
I've read about memory problems but I couldn't solve it. I tried the
code on another system with 16 RAM but it didn't work also. How can I
solve this problem given that i can't change the code?Thank you.
Marwah Sabry Siam,
Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Economics and Political Science,
Statistics Department,

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