[R] summarize_ (NSE) in combination with quantile not working

Tobias Byland tobias at byland.info
Sun Nov 22 00:33:16 CET 2015

Hi everyone,

I am stumbling over the following issue when using the NSE (non-standard 
evaluation) of the summarise function in dpylr (as described here: 

mtcars  %>% summarise(min(mpg))      # summarize and min
mtcars  %>% summarise_("min(mpg)")   # summarize_ and min
mtcars  %>% summarise(quantile(mpg, 0.1))   # summarize and quantile
mtcars  %>% summarise_("quantile(mpg, 0.1)")   # summarize_ and 
quantile  -> ERROR

The last (and only the last) call results in the following error:

Error: could not find function "quantile"

It seems to me, that the combination of summarise_ and quantile() 
somehow doesn't work.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue here is?

Thanks a lot!


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