[R] [R-pkgs] matlib package for linear algebra and multivariate statistics

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Thu Nov 19 19:47:57 CET 2015

Dear useRs

A new package, "matlib" has been under development and the latest 
version, 0.5.2,
will shortly be on CRAN.

The package is designed to provide a collection of functions and vignettes
for teaching and learning linear algebra and multivariate statistics.

In some cases, convenience functions are provided for concepts available
elsewhere in R, but where the function call or name is not obvious. In other
cases, functions are provided to show or demonstrate an algorithm.

The topics covered in the package include:

* Vector geometry: vector diagrams, projection

* Determinants: minors, cofactors and expansion by cofactors

* Elementary row operations: functions for solving linear equations 
"manually" by the steps used in row echelon form and Gaussian elimination

* Linear equations: functions to illustrate and plot linear equations of 
the form $\mathbf{A x = b}$

* Gaussian elimination: functions for illustrating Gaussian elimination 
for solving systems of linear equations of the form
$\mathbf{A x = b}$.  These functions provide a `verbose=TRUE` argument 
to show the intermediate steps.

* Eigenvalues: functions to illustrate the algorithms for calculating 
eigenvalues and eigenvectors and the SVD

* browseVignettes("matlib") shows currently available vignettes.

The GitHub development page for the project is:

Comments, suggestions, issues, etc. are invited there.


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