[R] Non-conformable arrays - Error in var(betas)

Naomi Evans naomi.evans21 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 07:52:51 CET 2015


If there is anyone who can offer me some guidance on how to resolve the
error below, I would be very grateful.

I am attempting to conduct a 'Resource Utilization Function' analysis using
the 'ruf' package.  My code is below:


d78423 <- read.csv("RUF/78423_RelUse.csv")

# Set initial estimates at the spatial range and smoothness

hval <- c(1040, 1.5)

# Estimate the maximum likelihood values with UNSTANDARDIZED COEFFICIENTS

d78423.fit.unstandardized <- ruf.fit(UD ~ factor(Asp_Cat) + Dist_Ck +
Dist_CV + Dist_Pl +

                                       factor(FI_BVG) + FPC + factor(LR5) +

                                     space = ~ X + Y,

                                     data = d78423, theta = hval,

                                     name = "Dingo 78423 unstandardized",

                                     fixsmoothness = FALSE,

                                     standardized = FALSE)

Running the 'd78423.fit.unstandardized' portion of the code produces the
following messages:

Error in var(betas) + asycovbeta/con$nresamples : non-conformable arrays

In addition: Warning message:

In ruf.fit(UD ~ factor(Asp_Cat) + Dist_Ck + Dist_CV + Dist_Pl +  :

 Estimating using a resampled MLE. The standard errors include the
variation due to the resampling.

I'm hoping someone here might be able to offer me some advice, as the error
is possibly not specific to the ruf package.

Thank you very much to anyone who can offer advice.

Kind regards,


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