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What’s more, for pdf output one can use R Markdown and judiciously
sneak in html and/or LaTeX (consider however what the processing
steps might do to such markup).

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I am looking for a gentle introduction to SWEAVE, and would appreciate recommendations.
I have an R program that I want to run and have the output and plots in one document. I believe this can be accomplished with SWEAVE. Unfortunately I don't know HTML, but am willing to learn. . . as I said I need a gentle introduction to SWEAVE.
Thank you,


A couple of initial comments.

First, you will likely get some recommendations to also consider using Knitr:


which I do not use myself (I use Sweave), but to be fair, is worth considering as an alternative.

He did, and I'd agree with them.  I've switched to knitr for all new projects and some old ones.  knitr should be thought of as Sweave version 2.

Duncan Murdoch

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