[R] Getting rid of unwanted csv files

WRAY NICHOLAS nicholas.wray at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 18 12:12:06 CET 2015

Hi I have got a large folder with hundreds of csv files in it   The problem is
that some of them are junk, and I know which ones are junk because they were
created on certain days, that is before I had honed the programme generating
them to ultimate perfection

I'd like to get shot of the junk files, but I can't distinguish them by
names/label from the ones I want to keep -- the only criterion is the date of
making them, but I cannot see a way of telling R to look at the date rather than
the name/label   Obviously I could plough by hand, but there are loads and if
anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful

Thanks, Nick Wray

PS Just had a thought -- Going off R-piste now but of course is it poss to get
rid of them within Windows (which I'm using) rather than R itself?
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