[R] Problems using save to store NAMED R objects

Julio Sergio Santana juliosergio at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 03:41:03 CET 2015

I have to store (in a file) an R object that was created with is name as 
a string of characters, as follows:

   : nn <- "xxx"
   : assign(nn, 5)
   : xxx
   [1] 5

I don't want to store the object nn but the object xxx. I tried the 
following two expressions but none of them worked:

   : save(get(nn), file="f.RData")
   Error in save(get(nn), file = "f.RData") : object ‘get(nn)’ not found

   : save(eval(nn), file="f.RData")
   Error in save(eval(nn), file = "f.RData") : object ‘eval(nn)’ not 

I know that both save(xxx, ..), and save("xxx", ..) work, but the fact 
is that the string is going to be provided by an user:

   : nn <- readline("Your variable->")

   : save(nn, file="f.RData")
stores the objet nn not xxx

Do you have any comments on this?



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