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On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 7:52 AM, PIKAL Petr <petr.pikal at precheza.cz> wrote:

> Hi
> If it is really "like" csv data you can import it by
> read.csv...
> or you can use any other read.* function.
> Did you try it? If yes, what was the result?
> If not, why not?
> Cheers
> Petr

​Purely as a guess, ".rpt" really seems to be short for "report". Which I
would guess indicates that this is some sort of file which was originally
physically printed to be read by a human. So I would _guess_ that perhaps
it is column oriented and might be readable using read.fwf() .Or course, it
if really is a "report" there are those irritating page headers & footers,
perhaps along with a summary at the end which would need to be ignored. The
OP really needs to cut'n'paste (NO HTML PLEASE!) about 10 lines for us to
all "eyeball".​


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