[R] MAc-pakcage, on OS-X 10.11.1: Warning Message In sqrt(var.T.agg.tau) : NaNs produced

Kostadin Kushlev kushlevk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 09:14:42 CET 2015

Hi there, 

I am trying to run a mini meta-analysis for three studies within one of my papers. I am using the Mac package for meta-analyzing correlation coefficients. 

I am using the following command: omni(es = z, var = var.z, data = dat, type="weighted", method = "fixed", ztor = TRUE)

This produces the expected values, but also a warning message: In sqrt(var.T.agg.tau) : NaNs produced

This message is repeated twice.

I am wondering how to interpret this error message. Is this because the program can’t estimate certain parameters due to the small number of correlation coefficients I am trying to analyze (only 3)? 

Most importantly, can I report and interpret the output despite those messages? 


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