[R] Help scatterplot3d

Corach Julián julian831 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 15:20:22 CET 2015

Hi, I'm running this script:
s3d<- scatterplot3d(datos, type = "h", color = "blue", angle = 55, scale.y = 0.7, pch = 16, main = "title”)
my.lm <- lm(datos$Bx ~ datos$e + datos$t) s3d$plane3d(my.lm)
 I need to plot the experimental data ("datos") and the regression plane given by "my.lm" in the same figure.The script plots "datos" but it doesn't add the plot of the regression plane. Sometimes I get a message like "s3d objet not found".
Thanks a lot.
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