[R] Plotting using tapply function output

Alexandra Catena amc5981 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 01:07:05 CEST 2015


I am trying to plot the hourly standard deviation of wind speeds from
13 different measured locations over many years. I imported the data
using readLines and into a dataframe called finalData. Using tapply, I
determined the standard deviation of the windspeed (ws) for each hour
(hour) from every location (stn) using this command line:

statHour = tapply(finalData$ws,list(finalData$stn,finalData$hour),sd)

I want to plot the standard deviation for each hour of the day, with
hours as the x-axis and the standard deviation for the y-axis, and
each station as a different color.  I've managed to get a boxplot of
this, but ideally, I'd like a scatter plot to determine the variations
between each instrument throughout the day.  The boxplot command is

boxplot(statHour, names=colnames(statHour),xlab='Hour of the
Day',ylab='Standard Deviation of Wind Speed')

I also tried to make a dataframe of the tapply output but it ends up
using the hours as the column names instead of putting it into the
dataframe.  Please help!!

I have R version 3.1.1

Thanks a lot,

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