[R] Transformation of the circular variable into linear variable

Nasr Al-Dhurafi ldhrf at siswa.ukm.edu.my
Mon Mar 30 14:22:56 CEST 2015

I am working with a circular data ( wind direction ) and i have problem
in transforming  the circular variable into linear variable. I have found
an equation that can be used to convert the circular variable into linear
variable which is included in this paper *" ARMA based approaches for
forecasting the tuple of wind speed and direction". *The equation is called
as the inverse of a link function and i have attached  the summery of it.T
herefore,Please, if you have an idea of how to conduct it in R programming
or  if you have another method for transformation, let me know it. Your
cooperation is highly appreciated.

My Best Regards &  All The Best

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