[R] Joint distribution of wind data

Nasr Al-Dhurafi ldhrf at siswa.ukm.edu.my
Mon Mar 30 14:06:45 CEST 2015

* Hi,
** I'm dealing with wind data and I'd like to model their**
distribution.** Wind** direction *
* are typically following a vonmises distribution and wind speeds
**follow a weibull distribution. I'd like to build a joint**
distribution** of directions and speeds as a VonMises-Weibull
* distribution.
**An alternative in such cases (i.e., when marginals are available
but** the** joint is difficult to postulate) is to use copulas, which
can** construct*

* multivariate distributions from univariate marginals. Therefore, if
anyone has an idea of how to do whether joint distribution or copula
forwind data in R,Please, contact with me.*

*Best Regards *

*Nasr *

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