[R] Calculating area of polygons created from a spatial intersect

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Fri Mar 27 18:44:58 CET 2015

Suggest (strongly) that you move this question to r-sig-geo. Much more
appropriate there, and more people there are more familiar with this kind
of work. But ... I suspect you want gIntersection(), not gIntersects().


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On 3/27/15, 7:16 AM, "Walter Anderson" <wandrson01 at gmail.com> wrote:

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>Hello all,
>I am attempting to automate an analysis that I developed with ArcInfo
>using R and the gdal and geos packages (or any other) if possible.
>Here is the basic process
>I have a shape file (lines) that defines the limits of all of the
>projects with each project having a unique identifier.
>I have another shape file (polys) that contains total population and
>low income population and represent Census block groups.  This shape
>file has an area field which has the acreage of the total block group.
>Step 1.
>I then buffer these project lines to create a second shape file that
>represents the 'footprint' of the project. (Creates polys).
>Step 2.
>In ArcInfo, I perform an intersection of the two shape files
>(footprint and census blocks) and this creates a third shape file
>which has a unique polygon for every project/census block intersection.
>Step 3.
>I then perform an area calculation (acres) on this new poly shape file
>and use this calculated area divided by the original area of the
>associated census block group to apportion the two population datum to
>this new polygon.
>Step 4.
>Finally, I sum the two population datums for each of the projects from
>the attribute table of this final shape file.
>When I try to replicate the above procedure I run into a problem with
>Step 2 when I use what I think is the appropriate command:
>gIntersects(buffered_projects, census_blocks, byID=TRUE)
>This command is producing a matrix of each project/census block
>combination and only providing me a true/false indication.  Is there
>any way to replicate the process from ArcInfo that I outlined above
>within R?
>Walter Anderson
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