[R] Graph with ggplot2.

S Ellison S.Ellison at LGCGroup.com
Wed Mar 25 16:19:24 CET 2015

> i used this command three times, 
clearly not exactly this, if it's stopped working ...

> but now is not working, the error reported is:
> Error: unexpected ')' in "ggplot(percent, aes(x=factor(Cell.lines), y=Percentage,
> vjust=-0.5, fill=Prostate )) + geom_bar(colour="black", stat="identity",
> position=position_dodge(), size=.3)+ylim(0%,100%)"
> Can some one help me? any suggestions?

You have an unexpected right parenthesis at 100%). Look for something wrong there or before that - often an unmatched parenthesis, string terminator or operator terminator - would be sensible.

As a clue, you could think about what '%' means in R. It does NOT mean 'percent'

S Ellison

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