[R] the making of _R_ eBooks

Dr. Wolfgang Lindner lindnerw at t-online.de
Tue Mar 24 09:33:47 CET 2015

From: "Amos B. Elberg" <amos.elberg at gmail.com>
| If you take a look at rmarkdown and the rticles package, you'll find a 
template for | a "tufte ebook" in the style of Edward Tufte.

From: "Sven E. Templer" <sven.templer at gmail.com>
|> Q3: any other recommendations?
| You might be interested in the very easy to use R markdown, see:
| http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/

Dear Sven, dear Amos,

that's what I was looking for!
Thanks for pointing me to rmarkdown, rticles package and the Tufte template.

best, Wolfgang G Lindner
Leichlingen, Germany

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