[R] the making of _R_ eBooks

Dr. Wolfgang Lindner lindnerw at t-online.de
Mon Mar 23 09:50:13 CET 2015

Dear list members,

I like the look and feel of the eBook versions of the R manuals very much.
So I would like to generate eBooks (teaching material etc) in that look.

Q1: is there a description how the _R_ ebooks have been produced?
Q2: which (free) software was used for them?
Q3: any other recommendations?

Seaching the internet gives me e.g.
[2]  opensource.com/life/13/8/how-create-ebook-open-source-way

but I m not sure, if there are better possibilities..

Thanks for any hint or link by expert R users.

Wolfgang Lindner
Leichlingen, Germany

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