[R] Tele_R - first experiences

Dr. Wolfgang Lindner lindnerw at t-online.de
Thu Mar 19 13:21:34 CET 2015

Dear R community,

some days ago Enric Cervera Mateu has installed an R client
with instant messaging, which is usable very simple via the
public name @Tele_R in the messenger Telegram.

I have tested Tele_R and e.g. tried most of the examples from
[1] W.N. Venables, D.M. Smith, R Core Team. "An Introduction to R." R Core 
Team. iBooks.
and of §1 of
[2] B. Everitt, T. Hothorn. "An R and S-plus Companion to Multivariate 
Analysis. Springer.
All is working very good in this environment.

I am very impressed. I like the possibility to use R without installation
complications with my iPhone, iPad or HTC One.
The answers are send very fast, the idea to use a chat for mathematics
communication seems to be especially suited to beginners:
direct dive in, OS as you like, working anywhere, talking over distance,
communicate with your peers or students (share code or
examples etc even during a lesson - if a beamer is not available) etc.

I would like to thank Enric for his valuable work to make the great work of
the R team accessible to smartphones and tablets.
I think that Tele_R is a very comfortable tool for teaching and learning R
at an undergraduate level.

And I would like to hear about the experiences, opinions or ideas of other
members of the R community with respect of the use of Tele_R.

I hope that this is not the wrong list to say these words.

Wolfgang Lindner
Leichlingen, Germany

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