[R] Which is better: Modifying an existing package or creating a new one?

jpm miao miaojpm at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 08:56:37 CET 2015


   Given that I frequently use A, B, C, D, E packages.
   In each of the 5 packages, I intend to modify one of the functions.
   Two ways:

1st: Modify A, B, C, D, E to A', B', C', D', E'
   Then I will use library(A') ..... library(E') instead of A, B, C, D, E.
   or Just keep the names A, B, C, D, E but modify the content

2nd: create a package F and add the five functions to the F package. For
each of the 5 functions, a line "library(A)"... or "library(E)" is required.

    Then I will need "library(F)" when I create a new program.

   Which is a better way in terms of time consumption and code portability?
If I move the codes to a new computer, which way will be easier?

   Any suggestion?



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