[R] Add the Gauss curve on histogram

varin sacha varinsacha at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 17 12:11:54 CET 2015

Hi Jeff,
Here is I hope a reproducible code.
My R code gives something but not what I am expecting. Indeed, I am expecting a gauss curve and I get a straight line.
I have followed the advices of Rolf as well but I still don't get a gauss curve...
Thanks for your time

Dataset <- read.table("/Users/Caro/Desktop/Mesures d'association using R/test.txt", header=TRUE, sep="\t", na.strings="NA", dec=".", strip.white=TRUE)

h <-hist(newdata$math.test, prob=TRUE, col="blue", border="white", xlab="Note test math", ylab="Densité", main="Test math")

x <- seq(from = min(newdata$math.test, na.rm=TRUE), to = max(newdata$math.test, na.rm=TRUE, length=100)) 
lines(x, dnorm(x, mean(newdata$math.test, na.rm = TRUE), sd(newdata$math.test, na.rm = TRUE))) 

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Not reproducible (sample data missing).

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>Dear R-Experts,
>I can easily plot an histogram and its density curve. But when I try to
>add the Gauss curve on the histogram with the following Rcode here
>below, I don't get it. What is wrong ? Or what is missing in my code ?
>##Plot an histogram
>h=hist(newdata$math.test, prob=TRUE, col="blue", border="white",
>xlab="Note test math", ylab="Densité", main="Test math") 
>##Add the density curve on the histogram
>##Add the Gauss curve on the histogram
>x <- seq(from = min(newdata$math.test, na.rm=TRUE), to =
>max(newdata$math.test, na.rm=TRUE), lines(x, dnorm(x,
>mean(newdata$math.test, na.rm = TRUE), sd(newdata$math.test, na.rm =
>Best, thanks for your time.
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