[R] Prevent line truncation in system2() output

Luiz Max Carvalho luizepidemiologia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 19:02:57 CET 2015

Hey all,

I'm developing an application that calls third party software using
system2(...,  stdout = TRUE) and then reads this using textConnection() +
 read.csv ().

Problem is that sometimes the output is bigger than 8096 bytes and then the
lines are split (from system2 documentation), what messes up what I have
set up to read the output.

Is there any way of preventing system2() from breaking the lines? I think I
can work around this issue, but I'm looking for a cleaner solution for the
time being.



Luiz Max Fagundes de Carvalho
PhD student, Institute of Evolutionary Biology,  School of Biological
Ashworth Laboratories, Ash 2, office 123
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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