[R] Help with Programmin-1 submission.

Gary Baggett isleguard at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 00:46:48 CET 2015



First of all, I admit being a noob when it comes to dealing with R and
Git-hub (but not new to programming[embedded mostly]).  That being said,
this first programming submission with this course is giving me fits.


I have the first part of the assignment done, loaded the "submit" source
within my local RStudio and am trying to run "submit ()".  It tries to run,
but then aborts.see below.



> source('H:/RStudio-Projects/Project1/pollutantmean.R')

> submit()


Press Enter to continue...


| Is the following information correct?


Course ID: rprog-012

Submission login (email): isleguard at gmail.com

Submission password: 


1: Yes, go ahead!

2: No, I need to change something.


Selection: 1


| Which part are you submitting?


1: 'pollutantmean' part 1

2: 'pollutantmean' part 2

3: 'pollutantmean' part 3

4: 'pollutantmean' part 4

5: 'complete' part 1

6: 'complete' part 2

7: 'complete' part 3

8: 'corr' part 1

9: 'corr' part 2

10: 'corr' part 3


Selection: 1

Error in file(filename, "r", encoding = encoding) : 

  cannot open the connection

In addition: Warning message:

In file(filename, "r", encoding = encoding) :

  cannot open file 'pollutantmean.R': No such file or directory




Any suggestions as to where to go?  It appears to be unable to find my
pollutantmean.R file even though I just sourced it.  The function is in
memory and is in the directory from which I am trying to execute the submit




Gary Baggett

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