[R] svg2swf - controlling the looping of flash files

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Hi Yixuan


Thanks for your reply. I think it would be useful to have the option of a “loop = FALSE” option in this function.  However, I’m not sure how long a shelf life swf files will have, given everything seems to be moving away from flash…




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Hello Paul,

So far there is no way to stop the animation after its first run. If this feature is needed I could try to implement it in the future version of R2SWF.




2015-03-09 18:33 GMT-04:00 Paul Sweeting <paul.j.sweeting at gmail.com <mailto:paul.j.sweeting at gmail.com> >:


I'm using svg2swf to collate a number of svg outputs into an swf file.  I've
got this working (mainly.) except that I can't control the looping behaviour
of the swf file.  In other words, when it's loaded into html it loops
continuously.  Is there any way to stop the animation looping, so it just
plays through once when loaded?  The code I use is (broadly):

               svg("testplot%d.svg",onefile = FALSE)

               for(j in 1:360){

                              print(cloud(x~y*z, groups=tail,
data=norm_dots_chart, screen=list(z=0,x=0,y=j)))



               output = svg2swf(sprintf("testplot%d.svg", 1:360), interval =


Thank you!

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