[R] calculate value in dependence of target value

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Hi David,

thanks for the reply. My spelling of the numbers was not correct. What I mean with 100.000 is 100000.00 !
I have corrected the values in my example below me.

Maybe you can understand it better now.

Crucially is, that the "MARGE" rises up in dependence of the ID. The ID 11 will be count with 2% because we don't reach the 50% hurdle (50000). The ID 12 will reach the 50% hurdle, so the ID 12 should be count with 1200 (result of 40000 * 2% + 10000 * 4%). The 10000 with 4% will be credited more, because they exceed the 50% Target Value.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.


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It is very hard to figure out what you are trying to do.

1. All of the VALUEs are greater than the target of 100 2. Your description of what you want does not match your example.

Perhaps VALUE should be divided by 1000 (e.g. not 10000, but 10)?
Perhaps your targets do not apply to VALUE, but to cumulative VALUE?

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Hello together,

i have a litte problem. Maybe anyone can help me.

I have to calculate a new column in dependence of a target value.

As a example: My target value is 100000. At the moment I have a data.frame with the following values.

     ID    VALUE
1   11    10000
2   12    50000
3   13    30000
4   14    20000

The new column ("MARGE") should be calculated with the following graduation:
Until the VALUE reach 50% of the target value (50000) = 2%

Until the VALUE reach 75% of the target value (75000) = 4%

Until the VALUE reach 100% of the target value (<100000) = 8%

If the VALUE goes above 100% of the value (>100000) = 10%

The result looks like this one:

1   11    10000          200      (result of 10000 * 2%)
2   12    50000         1200     (result of 40000 * 2% + 10000 * 4%)
3   13    30000         1800     (result of 15000 * 4% + 15000 * 8%)
4   14    20000         1800     (result of 10000 * 8% + 10000 * 10%)

Is there anyway to calculate the column "MARGE" automatically in R?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards.


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