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Mir Salam mir.salam at uef.fi
Sun Mar 8 22:56:53 CET 2015

Dear all,

 I need help to get different 68  plots specifc fitted curves in one plot with respective field data observations (age vs dominant height).



plotno, age, origin, soilcharacter, domH2,

plotno-different plot no. I have 68 plots

age- every plot have from age 5 to 30 years

origin- two, native aspen and hybrid aspen

domH2<-dominant height

soilcharacter-3, clay, silt and mold. both origin have different soil charcter

#### then I fit model

               fixed = list(b0~1+origin+soilcharacter,b1~ 1,b2 ~ 1+origin+soilcharacter),
               random = b0+b2~1|plotno,
               weights=varPower(form = ~age, 0.5),

#### parameter values

Fixed effects: list(b0 ~ 1 + origin + soil character, b1 ~ 1, b2 ~ 1 + origin + soil character)

b0.(Intercept)                 21.081124
b0.origin1                        7.735064
b0.soilcharactermold   10.689051
b0.soilcharactersilt       3.906585
b1                                      0.079035
b2.(Intercept)                  1.616360
b2.origin1                        -0.384421
b2.soilcharactermold      0.612285
b2.soilcharactersilt          0.527462

##### I can easily get the augmented plot.  I got  different 68 plots specific curves.


Any body can help me how can I will get all 68 plots specific fitted curves in one plot with respective plot specific age and dominant height obervations? (x axis will represent age, y axis will represent dominant height and fitted curves of all 68 plots)

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