[R] Problem with predict.lm()

Martin Spindler Martin.Spindler at gmx.de
Wed Apr 29 16:59:09 CEST 2015

Thank you! I think I now understand where the problem was.



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Since you passed a matrix to lm() and then a data.frame to predict(), predict can't match up what variables to use for the prediction so it falls back on the original data. This seems to work:

> set.seed(42)
> y <- rnorm(100)
> X <- matrix(rnorm(100*10), ncol=10)
> Xd <- data.frame(X)
> lm <- lm(y~., Xd)
> Xnew <- matrix(rnorm(100*20), ncol=10)
> Xnewd <- data.frame(Xnew)
> ynew <- predict(lm, newdata=Xnewd)
> head(ynew)
1 2 3 4 5 6
0.35404067 0.14073495 -0.45442499 0.31065562 -0.02091366 0.25358175
> head(predict(lm))
1 2 3 4 5 6
0.75474817 0.06024122 -0.27221466 -0.20344713 0.20218135 -0.24045859

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Dear all,
the following example somehow uses the "old data" (X) to make the predictions, but not the new data Xnew as intended.
y <- rnorm(100)
X <- matrix(rnorm(100*10), ncol=10)
lm <- lm(y~X)
Xnew <- matrix(rnorm(100*20), ncol=10)
ynew <- predict(lm, newdata=as.data.frame(Xnew)) #prediction in not made for Xnew
How can I foce predict.lm to use use the new data?
Thank you very much for your efforts in advance!

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