[R] Run Rscript and ignore errors?

Nick Matzke matzke at nimbios.org
Thu Apr 23 18:28:19 CEST 2015

Hi R-help,

I've looked at google, the Rscript documentation and the Rscript --help
output and haven't found much on this.  So, here's my question:

I have a rather long script that runs on various input datasets.  It is
quite convenient to run the script from the Terminal command line with
"Rscript scriptname.R"

However, some datasets will cause errors. These are non-essential errors --
just some datasets don't have certain columns so certain parts of the
overall analysis don't produce figures etc.  Yes, I could go through the
whole script and insert try() statements, etc.  But I'm lazy.

So, is there a way to run Rscript or something similar, and just have it
ignore all errors (i.e., keep running through the script)?  I.e., just like
what happens if you just copy-paste the whole script into the R window --
errors happen and are noted but the rest of the script keeps running.

Thanks very much for any help!!


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