[R] Hmisc::rcorr inconsistency?

Keith.Jewell at campdenbri.co.uk Keith.Jewell at campdenbri.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 14:01:23 CEST 2015

(Copied to maintainer)

I'm not going to say there's an error in such an established and respected package but I think there's an inconsistency between the help text and the example:

> ?rcorr
The diagonals of n are the number of non-NAs for the single variable corresponding to that row and column.

> example(rcorr)
rcorr> z <- c(1,   2, 3, 4, NA)  # number of non-NAs for z = 4
  x y z v
x 5 5 4 5
y 5 5 4 5
z 4 4 5 4  # diagonal for z = 5
v 5 5 4 5

Is this an error in the documentation or the code?
Or am I misunderstanding something?

Keith Jewell –Statistics Group
Campden BRI Group


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