[R] Selecting cell values with XLSX package

samarvir singh samarvir1996 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 13:36:41 CEST 2015


I am working with some 2700 files in .xlsx format
Like the one attached below

I want to transform all tabular data to a single row as shown below in
example or in attachment
so that all data can be used as a variable.
and replicate all to make a single csv file which has all the data


  company SALE-9 SALE-8 SALE-7 SALE-6 SALE-5 SALE-4 SALE-3 SALE-2 SALE-1
SALE op-9  MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED 11046.3 12197.9 14806.4 18066.8
20729.4 29317.7 36618.4 35587.1 43587.9 43700.6 1570.3  Nextcompany name …

Thanks for your help. help me however you can.
 Really appreciate you taking the time.
please see the attachment. thank you.
I would love to share the findings, Whatever I can find.
P.S - every file is of same format

 thank you.

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